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NORAD SHELTERS ARE RATED SHELTERS*: The NORAD S-Series Bomb Shelters Protect Troops and Civilians from Nuclear War Blast and Fallout

Why You Won't Survive in that "Survival Shelter" and Why You Need a "Nuclear Shelter" Instead

12 Underground Shelter Deceptions That Can Get You KilledNew Bomb Shelter Images

S16x40 bomb shelter kitchen, sofa, bathroom and beds
Modern blast shelters are safe as well as comfortable.

S-Series Military Blast Shelter Model Performance Data Summary

NORAD Shelter Systems LLC® Military bomb shelters include features required to meet military specifications. These include a shelter hull with a TRS Rating for overpressure and internal radiation doses, nuclear blast protection, corrosion protection system, intruder defense protection, NBC EMP protection per MIL-188-125, plumbing, electricity, internal EMP Shielded diesel generator power, EMP Shielding per MIL-188-125 for all Mission Essential Equipment (MEE), electric lights, UV water sterilization, hot and cold running water, scanner and HAM radios, conventional toilet and septic, and furniture. NORAD Civilian bomb shelters share the Military model design including corrosion protection and intruder defenses. The performance data below refers to the NORAD Military bomb shelters. Once a Civilian bomb shelter is sufficiently upgraded to meet these requirements, it earns a -MIL Military model designation.

S-Series Bomb Shelter Performance Data
Feature Specification Standard/Optional
Air blower volume 12-VDC 40 to 100 cfm @ 1 in W.G. Std. Air Filtration
Air filter GEN 40 to 1000 cfm, 99.99% @ 2.5 iin W.G. NBC Package
Air filter -- carbon-activated lbs./100 cfm 15-40 NBC Package
Air filter -- carbon-activated residence time 0.25 sec NBC Package
Air filter -- carbon-TEDA lbs./100 cfm 15-40 NBC Package
Air filter -- carbon-TEDA residence time 0.25 sec NBC Package
Air filtration system BIBO long term ASHRAE, MIL 282, MIL 32101, NBC, HEPA NBC Package
Air manifold 40 psi, 5 psi negative Std. Air Filtration
Corrosion protection Cathodic Sacrificial Anodes 30 Year Std., 40 and 50 Year Optional
Counter hydrostatic S.F. 1.2 Std. Structure
Distance from ground zero 0.9 miles 100 KT SB NBC Package
Emergency door opening 30 in. dia. mechanical jack system 16,000 lb. Std. Eway/Walk-In Eway
EMP Shielding
Internal Diesel Generator MIL-188-125 Compliant
Inverter /Charger Housing MIL-188-125 Compliant
Solar Charge Controller MIL-188-125 Compliant
Solar Panel Vault MIL-188-125 Compliant
Misc. Vault MIL-188-125 Compliant
Radios MIL-188-125 Compliant
EMP Shielding
Engineering Standards ABYC, ANSI, API, ASHRAE, ASME, ASTM, MIL, NACE, NEC, NSF, POP, STI, UL Std. Structure/Applicable Package
Failure mode non-catastrophic Std. Structure
Fire resistance hatch ASTM E-119 1 hr @ 1700 F. mechanical Std. Structure
Fire resistance interior Flame spread 25, ASTM E84 Std. Structure
Hatch pressure resistance 40 psi positive, 5 psi negative Std. Structure
Maximum wind with flying debris 350 MPH Std. Structure
Overpressure rating 10 psi with no earth-arching effect Std. Structure
Radiation design dose (The radiation dose for which the shelter protection is designed. This is the radiation dose an unprotected person would receive.)
  500 KT AB 100 KT SB
  Eway and Air Ducts Overhead
Radiation Design Dose Rems Rems
Gamma initial 3,250 1,200
Gamma 12,000 9,554
Neutron 9,000 4,000
Total 24,250 14,754
Std. Structure
Radiation Protection Factor (PF) @ 72 in. earth**
Gamma 8,192
Neutron 32,768
**Protection factors are for overhead radiation only and do not account for radiation entering the shelter through the entranceway and air ducts. The radiation from overhead, air ducts and entranceway is accounted for only in the Total Rems in Shelter or TRS.
Std. Structure
*Total Rems in Shelter (TRS)
  Std. Eway Walk-In Eway
  Rems Rems
Radiation dose air ducts (4) @ 10 psi 500 KT AB 0.24 0.24
Radiation dose overhead @ 10 psi 100 KT SB 1.00 1.00
Eway @ 10 psi 500 KT AB 2.70 3.70
Total Rems in Shelter (TRS) 4.00 5.00
Std. Structure
Sealed shelter atmosphere See graph for specific shelter Std. Air Filtration
Re-deployable Yes Std. Structure
Warranty 30 year structural Std. Structure
Water filtration 3-stage, 0.5 micron, 99.999% UV Generator Package/Solar Package, and Plumbing Package

S-Series Bomb Shelter Common Specifications
Feature Specification Std./Optional
Air blower type Reverse curve centrifugal Std. Air Filtration
Air blower volume 12-VDC 40 to 100 cfm @ 1 in S.P. Std. Air Filtration
Air filter dust 99% @ 40u Std. Air Filtration
Air filter HEPA NBC HEPA, Activated carbon, TEDA 40 to 1000 cfm, 99.99% @ 0.3u NBC Pkg.
Air manifolds Dome with multiple baffles & screens Std. Air Filtration
Antenna fittings Threaded port in Eway Communications Pkg.
Backfill material required Spoil or crushed stone Installation Pkg.
Batteries 8 (eight) 140 amp hour 12-VDC AGM Generator Pkg./Solar Pkg.
Circuit breaker panels AC and DC Generator Pkg./Solar Pkg.
Corrosion protection system Cathodic -- Epoxy/Anodes GCP or ICCP Std. Structure
Floor material Steel, tile over Std. Structure
Hull classification CL Std. Structure
Hatch cover 30 in. dia. clear opening spring loaded, or 30x60 in. clear opening spring loaded Std. 68 Deg. Eway/Optional 45 Deg. Eway
Hatch cover angle of incidence 10 degrees earth berm Std. 68 Deg. Eway/Optional 45 Deg. Eway
Hatch cover material Steel Std. 68 Deg. Eway/Optional 45 Deg. Eway
Hatch exterior lock Removable Std. 68 Deg. Eway/Optional 45 Deg. Eway
Hatch interior latch Mechanical latch -- quick acting Std. 68 Deg. Eway/Optional 45 Deg. Eway
Hatch system Steel-spring loaded Std. 68 Deg. Eway/Optional 45 Deg. Eway
Head room 8 to 10 ft. Std. Structure
Hull material High strength epoxy coated structural steel Std. Structure
Lighting White LED Generator Pkg./Solar Pkg.
Oven Microwave Generator Pkg./Solar Pkg. and Cooking Pkg.
Septic tank 1000 gallon chamber leaching system Generator Pkg./Solar Pkg., and Plumbing Pkg.
Sewage lift station 1/2 HP Generator Pkg./Solar Pkg., and Plumbing Pkg.
Shape Hex ceiling Std. Structure
Toilet Gravity flush to lift station Generator Pkg./Solar Pkg., and Plumbing Pkg.
S-Series Bomb Shelter Performance Data on Optional Items
Air Filtration System BIBO (Bag-in/Bag-out) long term ASHRAE, MIL 282, MIL 32101, NBC, HEPA
Air Test Port Internal SEAM (Severe Environment Air Module) Unit
Electrical and Plumbing Conventional and Conventional Pressurized
Off-Grid Duration One year diesel generator at 4 hours/day
EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Shielding MIL-STD-188-125
Power Internal diesel generator NBC air filter
Septic System Conventional


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Using Bomb Shelters, People Can Be Prepared for Nuclear War

Between 2000 and 2010, presidents of the United States have signed 612 major disaster declarations for territories in the United States. This has averaged more than five major disasters each month, affecting many thousands of people who were unfamiliar with and/or unprepared for disasters.
Walton McCarthy, M.E., The Principles of Protection

Bomb Shelters by NORAD Shelter Systems LLC®

Texas Bomb Shelter, Commercial Tornado Shelter and Residential Tornado Shelter Company, Shipping Worldwide

NORAD Shelter Systems LLC® makes bomb shelters and tornado shelters in Garland, Texas. We ship bomb shelters worldwide with an export license from the U.S. Department of Defense. Our bomb shelters are articles listed under the United States Munitions List.

The S-Series Bomb Shelter

NORAD Shelter Systems LLC® designs, engineers, and installs the NORAD S-SERIES underground shelters. The S-Series bomb shelters protect occupants from numerous natural and man-made threats. The S-Series comes in four widths or models: S12 (12 ft. wide), S16 (16 ft. wide), S24 (24 ft. wide) and S30 (30 ft. wide). Lengths start at 16 ft. or 24 ft., depending on the model. Lengths extend in 8 ft. increments. For example, the S16x16 is a 16 ft. x 16 ft. solar-powered shelter. The S16x40 is a 16 ft. x 40 ft. shelter. Theoretically the S-Series shelters can be any length (in 8 ft. increments) so long as there is suitable ground for installation.

“A shelterist in the NORAD S-Series Shelter under heavy, direct effects from two 1-MT nuclear weapons, has at least the same probability of survival (99.7%) as a person living and working in peacetime.”

Military and Civilian Bomb Shelters

The S-Series shelters are classified as Military (“-MIL”) or Civilian. Only shelters meeting certain military and other manufacturing standards are “Military Shelters.” The hull, foundation and corrosion protection are the same in both Military and Civilian shelter models. Military bomb shelters have NBC protection, EMP shielding, an EMP-shielded internal generator, an electrical system, pressurized plumbing and a conventional septic system. The minimum Civilian configuration is the steel hull and foundation, a 68 degree entranceway and 30 in. diameter hatch, a solar power package, and HEPA air filtration. Civilian models can be solar powered whereas a Military model will always have an internal EMP-shielded diesel generator. Civilian models can be upgraded with Military features.

Blast Shelter Company

NORAD is a blast shelter company. We might use phrases like “we sell bomb shelters” in our informational material because we want people to find us. Technically, though, only “blast shelters” provide the engineering features required to be a military underground nuclear protection shelter. Our Military S-Series shelters are always “blast shelters.” Our Civilian S-Series shelters without the blast valve upgrade are “fallout shelters.” Civilian S-Series bomb shelters upgraded with the blast valves provide the same protection from nuclear blast and overpressure as our Military S-Series bomb shelters. Civilian bomb shelters upgraded with the NBC protection provide the same protection from nuclear fallout, biological weapons and chemical agents as our Military bomb shelters.

State of the Art Bomb Shelter Protection

Following on almost 40 years in bomb shelter design, the NORAD S-Series Bomb Shelter represents “State Of The Art” technology. The shelter hull shape allows 100% useful space for troops and individuals to operate in and the steel hull and steel foundation are equipped with a 30 to 50 year warrantied corrosion protection system. All military configuration bomb shelters have the EMP Shielding Package Option, are EMP Shielded to MIL-STD-188-125 and manufactured to numerous engineering standards. Strength and protection performance data is available to interested customers.