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12 Underground Shelter Deceptions That Can Get You Killed — There are no federal or state agencies protecting consumers from deceptive underground shelter nuclear protection claims.

Garland, TX, August 2, 2017:  NORAD Shelter Systems LLC® today published an informative guide warning consumers about misleading nuclear shelter protection claims. 12 Underground Shelter Deceptions That Can Get You Killed is now available on the website. Because the nuclear shelter industry is neither regulated nor subject to certifications, consumers must be knowledgeable about how life-saving components work. Consumers can use this knowledge to ask the right questions when shopping for underground nuclear protection.

NORAD Principle Engineer Walton McCarthy (Wikipedia) said “Underground shelter manufacturers can claim anything with no data to support their deceptive protection claims.” One deception he often sees is shelter companies claiming complete nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) air filtration. Cheap  Nuclear-Biological-Chemical (NBC) air filters contain too little TEDA carbon to filter NBC contaminants. They leave shelter owners exposed to radiological, biological and chemical dangers. A $2,500 NBC air filter system could not possibly contain enough TEDA carbon to work, unless the manufacturer is selling it at a steep loss. Consumers can learn to ask about TEDA carbon residence time for a given air volume to ensure the shelter’s air will be  filtered of deadly agents.

McCarthy says that many shelter manufacturers claim that zero radiation enters their shelters from overhead, air ducts, and entranceways, which is impossible. The entranceway is the largest source of radiation entering a shelter. Significant radiation can also enter the shelter through the air ducts and from overhead. Radiation entering the shelter’s entranceway is a function of the entranceway’s size and geometry. Anyone can use NORAD’s Entranceway Radiation Calculator to determine the radiation amount that will enter the shelter given a 500 KT air burst which is the type and size weapon chosen by the NBC committee. A good entranceway  design will not allow more than 10 rems into the shelter. Most shelters on the market today allow a sickening and even deadly amount of  radiation to enter the shelter through the entranceway.  Consumers should always ask:  “How far is the shelter designed to be from ground zero for a given size weapon and what are the doses inside the shelter?”

Readers will also learn that there is no such thing as a FEMA certified shelter since FEMA is not a certifying agency. A 99.97% HEPA air filter is not good enough to protect people from biological weapons; and many more deceptions that can get a shelter buyer killed.

NORAD is publishing another article called Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Deceptions That Can Get You Killed in the next month.



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