NOTE FROM NORAD TORNADO SHELTERS: FEMA does not require EF 3 tornado wind protection. They require only EF 1!! NORAD shelters protect from in excess of EF 5 tornado winds and flying debris. 8 WEATHER) – The scars of severe weather exist all around Northeast Louisiana. Cleaning up from Tornadoes, some recent, and some well in the past.

In fact, Architect Fred Bennett is designing this home on Trenton street in West Monroe.

The home that was once here was destroyed by tornadoes in 2014

“I wanna take into account the future of this home and how it’ll resist wind.”

He says this blue print will resist any type of severe weather.

“We’ve designed the home in a series of pods and separate elements that create a more rigid system overall.”

“I went to engineers and told them I want my shelters to withstand an F-5 Tornado”

He bought his own business in Baskin Louisiana it’s called F-5 storm shelters.

“Most shelters are FEMA rated which means they’ll sustain an F-3 Tornado, they don’t require it to withstand an F-5.” See more…