image_pdfimage_print Sciences North continues to battle with capacity issues, as the hospital operated at a critical level for as much as 75 per cent of last year.

Most days, HSN is sitting at 110 per cent occupancy, or in the red level of the hospital’s surge plan that is divided into four categories, with red identified as “Escalation Level 2,” just one level before the fourth and final, black category, “Escalation Level 3 – crisis.”

In the 2015-16 fiscal year, overcapacity cost HSN $3.5 million and that number is projected to double for 2016-17, up to $7 million. A report presented to the HSN board on March 14 by David McNeil, the vice-president of patient services, indicated the hospital is forecasting 5,000 patient days over capacity, with the average cost per patient per day pegged at $1,400.

“We’re in the black (Escalation Level 3) almost 50 per cent of the time,” said David McNeil, vice president of patient services, HSN. “In that instance, we’re shutting down to any patient that is non-life or limb (critical). Obviously, if there’s a life and limb patient we help them.”

“This isn’t a matter of having an inefficient hospital, it’s a matter of being overcapacity,” said McNeil. “We can’t solve this alone and more beds aren’t the solution, it’s a matter of getting patients in the right place at the right time.” See more…