What do adults and kids do all day inside a shelter?

Adults and kids can use the DVD player and TV for entertainment. Common AC outlets are supplied to power laptop computers. An EMP shielded vault is supplied to store laptops and other items vulnerable to EMP. All EMP shielded enclosures meet MIL-STD-188-125.

What is the Off-Grid duration of the shelter?

The NORAD solar models have an indefinite duration based on solar power. The Military model with the EMP Shielded diesel generator has a minimum of one year duration.

Shelter Duration
800 gallon diesel fuel tank 6 .5 KW Internal Diesel @ 75% load .4 gph x 4 hrs/day Or 10 KW Internal Slow Speed Diesel @ 50% load .4 gph x 4 hours/day
Altitude - Feet Above Sea Level Shelter Duration Days
500 500
1000 483
2000 465
3000 448
4000 430
5000 413
6000 395

How does the shelter size compare to a single car garage?

A small 1-car garage is 12×20 ft. (240 sf.). A roomier one-car garage is 14×22 ft. (308 sf.). A small 2-car garage is 20×20 ft. or 400 sq. ft. A roomier two car garage is 24×24 ft. or 576 sf. The S-Series smallest shelter is the S16x10 (160 sf.*), smaller than a 1-car garage. The S16x16, S12x24, S12x32, S16x24, S12x40, S16x32, S12x48 and S24x24 are between the size of a small 1-car garage and the size of a large 2-car garage. All of the other models are larger to much larger than a 2-car garage. The S30x80 is 2,400 sf., or 10 times larger than a small 1-car garage.
Shelter square footage compared to typical garages

*Nominal sf., net sf. is slightly smaller.