Fully Awesome Underground Lair

Solid Smack Bomb ShelterOriginally published in Solid Smack, by Josh Mings, Aug 11, 2011

I’m here to tell you what you already know. Underground lairs are FULLY AWESOME!!! On top of their virtually unlimited awsomaucity, they are THE answer to all manner of, nigh unavoidable, calamity. Huge killer bees all hopped up on GMO pollen come barreling toward you and yours at cannonball speeds got your boots soggy? UNDERGROUND LAIR!!! See? What did I tell ya? It works on so many levels…all of which are UNDERGROUND!!! The company making your ostrich headed getaway possible is none other than the foremost company in the development of emergency subterranean abodes: Radius Engineering International Incorporated. Long name, I know, but they’ve earned it.

Underground Shelter? Yes Please.