All Military and properly equipped Civilian shelters protect against blast, radiation and EMP. Nuclear explosion protection poses threats  from overpressure, radiation and electronic pulse. Ears and lungs burst, and people are thrown against walls with fatal results. The bomb’s initial  neutron radiation only lasts 60 seconds but is deeply penetrating. Any hatch thick enough to attenuate the danger would require extra mechanics to open and close. It would cost about 4x more than a standard hatch. It’s simpler and more cost effective to design the entranceway to attenuate the radiation. Look at our Radiation Calculator  to learn more. Under a specific set of circumstances a nuclear explosion could create an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). Vulnerable electronics are rendered useless. All S-Series Civilian shelters equipped with the NBC (radiation), EMP and Blast (overpressure) options protect occupants from nuclear war using the same technology as is standard in Military models. All Civilian and Military shelters come standard with some protection features  as well.

  • the seismic joint protects the shelter from ground shock
  • the minimum 72 in. installation depth earth cover protects from the gamma radiation fallout
  • the 68 degree standard emergency entranceway design minimizes penetrating neutron radiation shelter exposure

The NBC package adds nuclear, biological and chemical air filtration to the HEPA breathing air filtration. If the Civilian shelter is generator powered, NBC protection is also added to the generator’s air supply. NBC protection includes BIBO (bag in/bag out) filter media changing. A sealed bag protects the person changing the air filters from coming in contact with radiation, chemical and biological threats. The EMP package shields vulnerable electronics. It protects Mission Essential Equipment (MEE) from EMP damage. The vulnerable parts of the generator and emergency communications are protected to MIL-STD-188-125. An EMP vault is added for occupants to store vulnerable devices (laptops, DVD players). Solar panel storage is EMP shielded. The Blast package adds valves to the shelter protecting against overpressure and underpressure.


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