Origo Bomb ShelterOriginally published on in Hungarian by on April 12, 2012, English translation by Google

Abandoned rakétasilókban build multi-storey luxury bunker for a US contractor in Kansas. The fear of being different disasters in recent years, more and more companies, including deals earthquake and nuclear-proof bunker construction.

Since the hurricane from a solar flare through nuclear diatribes everything is supposed to provide protection for those special bunkers that Larry Hall built a rocket positions below the vacant land. Designed by Denver businessman refuge in a multi-level swimming pool, library and movie theater will be. Hall 4 flats has already given a total of about 7 million dollars, and a further three in Shiloh expects sales.

The businessman an Atlas F missile type, Kansas storage space transformed. The silo is protected by nearly 3-meter-thick concrete walls and extending 53 feet below ground. The US military in the 1960s, 72 such stations built and they are still the most powerful human structures are considered. Hall construction works of the fourteen-storey residential units of various sizes 7 level designs, products of one or two million dollars.

Forrás: Survival Condo
The luxurious interior design bunker

The smaller housing units are available for about 83 square meters and 3-5 persons. The apartments have a kitchen, bathroom, living room and two bedrooms. Fully mechanized and automated fingerprint identification instead of a key to get in, and the windows replaced by digital displays, which can be varied views. The larger apartments have similar equipment, but this time twice. All units purchased per person includes five years is enough food.

Forrás: Survival Condo
Will it be an apartment

The levels are as yet only bind iron staircase up to the surface, but is scheduled to lift housing will fall. The businessman indoor mini-planned economy, where fish and vegetables tenyésztenének termesztenének. The plans include a further swimming pool, library and movie theater, but if it takes too long to lock, then a medical clinic and a school is able to convert it. The water is then stored in huge tanks. Any illegal intruders and advanced security system will hold.

Similar deals with the construction of shelters Vivos company as well. Eighty delegates bunker in the State of Indiana is almost complete. A capacity here is “only” 50 thousand dollars, but the available space is much tighter than in Kansas. The shelter is currently based in Nebraska will be considerably larger, up to 900 people there also will be able to accommodate. This is still 25 thousand dollars is a capacity and according to the plans probably will not be in too much of space per person.

Forrás: Vivos
The Vivos bunker is much tighter

Some people, for example, a sufficient number of bunkers company also manufactures a family. The little ones can build up in well under an existing house, but the larger ones have more space to be. The products are usually a few hundred thousand dollars to move around and to the addition of the required excavation pit, the bunker installed, too. Such shelters manufacturers Radius One employee of the company, Walton McCarthy, the majority of bunkers sold outside built-up areas. The same owners also love to hide the existence of the bunker in front of the neighbors, lest they also bekéretőzzenek if you come to the end of the world.

Elhagyott rakétasilókban épít többszintes luxusbunkereket egy amerikai vállalkozó Kansasben. A különböző katasztrófáktól félve az elmúlt években egyre több cég foglalkozik többek között földrengés- és atombiztos bunkerek építésével.

A kisebb lakóegységek körülbelül 83 négyzetméteresek, és 3-5 személy számára alkalmasak. A lakásokban van konyha, fürdő, nappali és egy-két hálószoba. Teljesen gépesítettek és automatizáltak, kulcs helyett ujjlenyomat-azonosítóval lehet bejutni, és az ablakokat digitális kijelzők helyettesítik, amelyeken változtatható a kilátás. A nagyobb lakások hasonló berendezéssel rendelkeznek, de kétszer ekkorák. Minden megvásárolt lakóegységhez tartozik fejenként öt évre elegendő élelem is.