The time for dealing with the North Korea problem may be sooner than many people realize, according to information from Joseph Bermudez Jr., writing in “38 North,” a John Hopkins University website that deals specifically with issues related to North Korea. He believes they are secretly developing biological weapons in camouflaged facilities dispersed across their nation. Additionally, the construction activity at their Sohae Satellite Launching Station is still ongoing.

Bermudez says the rogue nation either has or soon will have “operational nuclear weapons,” an “ongoing offensive biological weapons research program,” and a “longstanding chemical weapons program with a militarily significant inventory of these weapons.”

He says the DPRK has constructed their nuclear, biological and chemical programs in “extreme secrecy,” using “camouflage, concealment and deception operations to mask the NBC infrastructure.” They also utilize “legitimate, defense or civilian industrial and research infrastructures” to build weapons that are “simply unknown” outside the North Korean government.

Bermudez estimates there are approximately 1,500-3,000 North Koreans and 25-30 entities involved in the biological weapons program, 3,500-5,000 people and 25-50 entities involved in the chemical weapons program, and about 9,000-15,000 people and 100-150 entities involved in the “research, development, testing or production of nuclear weapons.”

He also noted, in a separate report, that satellite imagery indicates active construction at the Sohae station. He maintains that the good condition of the structures, the vertical engine test stand, launch pad and gantry tower, means that either a new engine test or satellite launch could “occur with little or no advance warning.”

Under the madman sociopath Kim Jong Un, the possession of the types of weapons discussed and their delivery systems is a very serious threat to the world and particularly South Korea, Japan, the United States and our allies. The nature of the threat indicates we’ve talked too much already. It’s time to make it impossible for the regime to strike and to eliminate the maniac in charge while we’re at it. Read more…