All NORAD shelters meet tornado and hurricane protection requirements. All NORAD shelters protect well in excess of tornado and hurricane top wind speeds. They are all GROUND ZERO protection tornado shelters protecting people inside when buildings above are completely demolished. NORAD sells three models specifically for tornado and hurricane protection. NORAD shelters designed for tornadoes and hurricanes include the S-Series Community Tornado Shelter, the Jupiter 10 Home Tornado Shelter, and the Jupiter 20 Commercial Tornado Shelter.

The Jupiter Series tornado shelters protect occupants from GROUND ZERO tornado flying debris. The Jupiter 10 tornado shelter protects 10 people and is intended for home use. Neighbors can share a Jupiter 10, creating a very reasonable cost per person protected. The Jupiter 20 tornado shelter protects 20 people and is intended for school, hospital and commercial use. The Jupiter 20 shelters are installed in groups. For instance, ten Jupiter 20 shelters will protect 200 people. The Jupiter Series storm shelter has almost no ground surface exposure. Debris flies over and past the horizontal spring-loaded steel hatch. The gravity well (patent pending) prevents negative pressure from pulling the hatch and hull up out of the ground, and prevents buoyancy in high water tables. The Jupiter series storm shelters protect from flying debris to 350 mph. Occupants are protected from wind, water, fire, hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, tornado, forest fire, ground fire and earthquake events.

The S-Series shelters are designed for protection from nuclear, biological and chemical war, and meet or exceed tornado and hurricane shelter requirements. The S-Series shelter air manifolds (patent pending) are wind resistant to 350 mph with flying debris. The steel foundation forms the floor and a gravity flange for high water tables. The steel foundation has a gravity ledge to use submerged soil on top of the gravity ledge to resist hydrostatic pressure in locations where the water table reaches the surface. S-Series underground shelters protect from wind, water, fire and earth events including protection from hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, tornado, forest fire, ground fire and earthquake events. S-Series shelter provide wind protection well in excess of EF-5 (Enhanced Fujita Scale) 200+ mph flying debris.

Learn more about the Jupiter 10 residential tornado shelter, the Jupiter 20 commercial tornado shelter, or the S-Series community tornado shelter.

Jupiter 10 Tornado Shelter


Jupiter 20 Tornado Shelter

S-Series Commercial Tornado Shelter


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