University of Hawaii sends 'in the event of a nuclear attack' email about North Korea crisis

University of Hawaii sends ‘in the event of a nuclear attack’ email about North Korea crisis

University of Hawaii students reportedly opened their inbox Monday to find an email headlined: “In the event of a nuclear ...
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ISIS Wants to Attack the West’s Food Supply, Practiced by Poisoning Prisoners in Iraq

The Islamic State group used prisoners as “human guinea pigs,” carrying out chemical weapons experiments in order to plan for ...
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Tension from Korea

North Korea may be planning satellite EMP attack

Kim Jong-un has been making many threats lately about striking the U.S. mainland and turning America into a ball of ...
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Kim from Korea

Electromagnetic pulse attack on Hawaii would devastate the state

On July 9, 1962, Hawaii was hit by a massive electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, which within minutes took down the ...
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Google searches for ‘nuclear shelter’ are rocketing

Google searches for ‘nuclear shelter’ are rocketing after Donald Trump’s victory | indy100

Remember after Brexit, when Google searches about the fundamental workings of the EU increased exponentially? Something similar, but far more dramatic, ...
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California Korean Target

Should North Korea nuclear strikes worry California at all?

North Korean state media is warning the U.S. of a “super-mighty preemptive strike” that could “wipe out” the U.S. mainland ...
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Hawaii Today

Lawmaker says Hawaii obvious target should N. Korean strike; urges readiness

KAILUA-KONA — Rep. Matthew LoPresti says a revisiting of Hawaii’s disaster resilience plan has been a long time coming and ...
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Wang Yi

Specialists Think North Korea Poses Nuclear Threat to Hawaii

Nuclear arms experts think North Korea already has, or soon will have, the ability to target Hawaii with a nuclear-tipped ...
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Fighter Jet

Getting ready: Pentagon to protect electric grid from massive attack

Former CIA Director James Woolsey has been warning for years that the grid is extremely vulnerable, and recently the Pentagon ...
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Texas Power Grid

Lawmakers, Experts Say Texas Grid Vulnerable To EMP Attack

Texas lawmakers and national security experts say the state’s electric power grid — which is independent of the rest of the ...
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China fears North Korea-US conflict ‘at any moment’

China has warned that "conflict could break out at any moment" as tension over North Korea increases. Foreign Minister Wang ...
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William Perry

Former Defense Secretary William Perry on why we didn’t go to war with North Korea

In 1994, the United States was on the brink of war with North Korea. The Clinton administration had intelligence that ...
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