image_pdfimage_print thousands of soldiers mass at Kim Il-sung Square, Pyongyang tells US to end its dangerous ‘military hysteria’

Tom Phillips in Beijing, Justin McCurry in Tokyo and Emma Graham-Harrison

Saturday 15 April 2017 16.04 EDT First published on Friday 14 April 2017 22.53 EDT

North Korea displayed new long-range missiles that could one day threaten continental America at a vast military parade on Saturday, showcasing the isolated nation’s defiance as a US aircraft carrier group headed to the region.

Pyongyang warned it was prepared to take the “toughest” action unless the US ended its “military hysteria”, with speculation growing that the regime is preparing to conduct a sixth nuclear test.

Weapons paraded through the capital included what experts said appeared to be two new kinds of intercontinental ballistic missile, loaded on huge trucks. They suggest that Pyongyang is working towards a “new concept” of missile that would put the heartland of the US within range, although the vast rockets on display have never been test fired and are probably a long way from deployment. See more…