image_pdfimage_print are at an all-time high in South Korea’s estranged neighbor as North Korea is most likely to conduct their sixth nuclear test. This after several factors arose that made the latter boast their nuclear armaments anew sending a message to other nations especially the U.S. not to mess with them.

Satellite images suggest of heightened activity at North Korea’s Punggye-ri nuclear test site that may well seem to tell that another nuke test is imminent. Albeit the recent snowfall that struck the area, it did not bogged down the alleged testing preparations as spy shots show the continuous pumping of water out of a tunnel where communications and monitoring equipment will be laid, 38 North has learned. The publication also highlighted that North Koreans are well aware when satellites are hovering over their hermit nation and that would be the only time where movements in that testing area are halted.

Meanwhile, both former CIA director James Woolsey and Dr. Peter Fry from the U.S. Congressional EMP Task Force are in unison that Pyongyang has enough nuclear might in wiping out almost the entirety of the U.S. In a statement obtained by Express, the two stated that the mainstream media including other U.S. officials are still at in instilling in people’s minds that North Korea does not have the strength in conducting a nuclear strike in America.

Moreover, a couple of North Korean-made satellites – KMS-3 and 4, are as of late watching over the U.S. as both Woolsey and Fry claim that the two mentioned “run on trajectories consistent with surprise EMP attack.” It can be recalled that Kim Jong-un has threatened America numerous times saying that he will be reducing the country to ashes if further provocation ensues. Watch a couple of videos about North Korea’s looming nuclear test here:

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