Did you know that a nuclear and EMP attack are survivable?

But only when you are properly prepared.

NORAD Shelter Systems sells the only underground nuclear shelter to offer scientifically proven protection from nuclear blast and radiation.

You need nuclear fallout and EMP protection you can rely on.

You need to guarantee your underground NBC Shelter has proven performance data.

NORAD is the only fallout shelter company whose products actually meet engineering standards. They offer the only rated underground protection from nuclear explosion, meaning you know exactly how much radiation and blast protection you are getting  for your investment.

Did you know that the first 60 seconds of a nuclear blast produces radiation that will easily pass through any shelter’s air supply and entranceway?

Be aware of any fallout shelter claims of “zero radiation exposure” or “no one knows how to calculate radiation exposure.”

Our radiation exposure calculator gives you the overhead and point of entrance radiation exposure for any fallout shelter entranceway design.

Visit our website to use our radiation calculator before purchasing any fallout shelter.

And NORAD multi-room shelters provide comfortable living for up to one year, off-grid. NORAD fallout shelters include real flush toilets, sinks, showers, hot and cold running water, electricity, beds, lighting, and ingenious in-wall storage.

You won’t be a victim when you protect, defend and prepare for survival.

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