“Since the dose of radiation that doubles the cancer rate is about one hundred and fifty rems, we could expect that a dose of three hundred rems would cause just about everybody to get cancer of one kind or another, and perhaps half of them would die.” Schell, Jonathon. Fate of the Earth. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1982, p. 71.

NUCLEAR WAR FACT: Many Hiroshima Survivors are Over 80 Years Old — They are Still Alive

Those people at Hiroshima and Nagasaki who were exposed to the most severe weapon effects such as thermal burns, blast, and massive doses of radiation still have a lower cancer rate than smokers in the United States<sup>3</sup>. Adequate shelter will prevent shelterists from receiving more than twenty-five rems, which will allow people to survive in good physical and mental health with no risk of contracting cancer above the present rates. Potential cancer rates based on radiation doses are shown in <a href=””>appendix A</a>. More than half a century after the atomic bombing, the survivors, called <a href=”” target=”_blank”>hibakusha</a> in Japanese, are becoming quite elderly. Their average age as of March 31, 2001, was over seventy.

Hiroshima Nuclear Bomb Survivor Peace Ambassador Setsuko Thurlow


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