“It makes no sense to plan on surviving a nuclear war because nuclear winter will kill all plant and animal life.” Statement made by a lecturer at a public educational meeting.

NUCLEAR WAR FACT: “Nuclear Winter” Was Never Considered to Be a Valid Scientific Conclusion

Nuclear winter is a hypothetical climatic effect of very cold weather, like winter, as a result of the detonation of large numbers of nuclear weapons. The numerous detonations would theoretically produce fires and inject large amounts of smoke and soot into the atmosphere resulting in reduced sunlight for a period of months or years. Nuclear winter was never considered to be a valid scientific conclusion because the climatic model from which it is based did not take into account wind, rain, or seasons, and finally, it did not account for the mass of the oceans, which cover most of the planet surface.4 The current scientific analysis incorporates these variables in the climatic model. If numerous nuclear detonations occur in the summer, there is a possibility of a nuclear fall for areas far away from the sea coast and little change in temperature for areas close to the sea coast. If numerous nuclear detonations occur in the winter, there is very little change in temperature in any area. Plants and animals will suffer stress from a number of effects, but plants, crops, animals, and people will still survive and reproduce normally.5



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