“But in a nuclear attack, of course, all sectors of the economy would be devastated at once.” Schell, Jonathon. Fate of the Earth. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1982, p. 69.

NUCLEAR WAR FACT: A nuclear attack is just the beginning of a war.

This statement is plainly not true. A nuclear attack is just the beginning of a war. The Soviet Union and the United States have not spent money on expensive tanks and military hardware just to settle the war by nuclear missiles. This is contrary to the business of war. The Soviet’s plan is for a two-to-four-year war using conventional warfare, which includes chemical warfare according to the Soviets, after nuclear strikes. Conventional warfare includes the use of tanks, infantry, artillery, air force, and naval vessels. It should also be pointed out that one-third of the Soviet bombs, rockets, and artillery shells contain chemical warfare agents.17 The following quotations are from Tackier Sovremennogo Obschevoyskovogo Boya (Tactics of Modern Combined Arms Combat), Moscow, and Military Publishing House:

“It is believed that nuclear weapons as the main means of destruction will be employed only for the destruction of the most important objectives; all other targets are neutralized and destroyed by the artillery, aviation, and the fire of tanks and other weapons” (p. 113).

“Use of nuclear weapons against insignificant, secondary objectives contradicts the very nature of this weapon” (p. 88).

“Although the nuclear strike should be delivered at the beginning of the preparatory fire in order to achieve surprise, this should not be a stereotype. Nuclear weapons can also be employed in the middle, at the end, or at any other period of the preparatory fire” (p.142).

“Nuclear strikes do not represent some kind of isolated act but a component of combat. The operations of tank and motorized rifle (podrazdeleniya and chasti) are closely coordinated with them. Nuclear strikes and troop operations represent a uniform and inseparable process, joined by a common concept” (p. 88).

It should be pointed out that nuclear weapons also refer to nuclear ammunition in tanks, artillery, and handheld rockets. Further, the Soviets define chemical warfare as being part of conventional warfare. There is a complete set of war operations and tactics in this book and other books. For more information, the Soviet Military Thought Series can be referred to and is available through the Government Printing Office, Washington, DC. The particular book that covers the operations and tactics is The Soviet Theater Nuclear Offensive: Volume I, translated by the US Air Force. In effect, World War III will be won or lost like other wars, based on three factors: people, hardware, and strategy. TO VIEW SOVIET MILITARY THOUGHT ON FUTURE WAR please click below. Soviet Military Thought on Future War

Page from Soviet Military Thought showing use of nuclear and conventional weapons.
Page from Soviet Military Thought showing plans to use nuclear and conventional weapons.

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