“In a full-scale nuclear war, the Soviet Union will lose just as many people as the United States; therefore, there is no strategic advantage.” Statement made by a lecturer at a public educational meeting.

NUCLEAR WAR FACT: The Soviet Union Provides Nuclear Blast Shelters for Approximately Thirty Million People

The Soviet Union provides nuclear blast shelters for approximately thirty million people who work in cities supplying parts to the military. Essentially, this provision protects 10 percent of the people in cities of twenty-five thousand or more.6 The balance of the Soviet population has been educated through civil defense instructing people on evacuation procedures and the fundamentals of nuclear protection. The Soviet philosophy does not accept the Mutually Assured Destruction theory that the American political system still adheres to.7 Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) is based on theory that two opposing enemies, if attacked by the other, would retaliate without fail with equal or greater force. The expected result is an immediate irreversible escalation of weapon detonations by missile or aircraft resulting in both combatants’ mutually assured destruction.


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