“It is possible that a large nuclear war would produce irreversible adverse effects on the environment and the ecological system.” The Effects of Nuclear War. Office of Technology Assessment, 1979, p. 114.

NUCLEAR WAR FACT: “A nuclear war might create a few centimeter temperature change, for a few years.”

The actual report states, “We tentatively conclude that the stratospheric dust injection from a ten-thousand-MT nuclear exchange would be comparable with that from a large volcanic explosion such as that of Krakatoa in 1883 and, therefore, might have similar climatic impact. At most, a 0.5 degree C deviation from the average temperature lasting for a few years might be expected” (p. 57). The actual report also states, “It seems clear that the external doses of around two rems sustained during the first year after a ten-thousand-MT nuclear exchange would have no observable effects on natural populations of animals” (p. 69). The actual report further states, “It is reasonable to assume that mankind, in combatant and noncombatant nations, would recover from a nuclear war much as it recovered from other major disasters” (p. 96).


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