“If we can make it to the turn of the century, space weapons, which are strictly defensive, will make nuclear weapons obsolete, and we won’t have to worry about destruction of populated areas because the wars will be in space.” Statement made by a lecturer at a public educational meeting.

NUCLEAR WAR FACT: Military targets are on the ground, therefore war is on the ground.

Space weapons are not necessarily strictly defensive. One form of offense is based on an X-ray laser. This device is positioned in orbit and depends on a nuclear explosion in outer space to generate an extremely powerful X-ray aimed at a target. On December 28, 1985, an X-ray laser was experimentally tested in an underground explosion named “Goldstone” with a yield between twenty kilotons (KT) and one hundred and fifty KT.10 Space weapons will not change the nature of war and targeting strategies. The industries that manufacture weapons, military hardware, and supplies are spread out over hundreds of cities and towns throughout the world. The destruction of these manufacturing plants must be implemented by some means as part of the business of war. As long as these manufacturing plants are on the ground, war must be on the ground.


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