“The two superpowers together have strategic arsenals equivalent to four tons of TNT for every man, woman, and child presently living on this planet.” Kennedy, Edward, and Mark Hatfield. Freeze. New York: Bantam Books, 1982, p. 67.

NUCLEAR WAR FACT: Arsenal size cannot be divided by population to determine kill rate.

This myth, a favorite among scientists, represents the most useless statistic that a human mind could ever come up with. An energy source cannot be divided up based on such a theory and infer such consequences. During World War II, an average of thirty thousand bullets were fired to inflict a single casualty.15 Even if this statistic were the case, a l00 percent death rate is still not possible. For those people, however, who feel this is a good statistic, the following should also be taken very seriously. There is enough electricity in each American household to electrocute one person every five minutes. There is enough water in each house to fill up the bathtub l44 times (on average) per day and drown l44 people. Industrial plants produce over one hundred gallons of toxic and lethal chemicals such as paints, solvents, and acids for each man, woman, and child. There are enough bullets in US households to kill each man, woman, and child umpteen times. There is enough explosive power in each automobile gasoline tank to kill each person on this planet umpteen times. There is enough poison in all the drugstores in the world to kill every man, woman, and child on earth. It is just not accurate to take destructive powers and divide by the number of people.


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