The S16x16-CIV Bomb Shelter

The S16x16-CIV is a 235 ft.2 bomb shlelter. It is solar-powered, protects 8 to 10 adults and takes approximately two to 3 days to install.

S16x16-CIV Shelter Images

S16x16 bomb shelter interior S16x16 Bomb Shelter Exterior 1 S16x16 Bomb Shelter Floor Plan 1 S16x16 Bomb Shelter Cross View 1 S16x16 Bomb Shelter Sealed Shelter Atmosphere 1

NORAD Shelter Systems LLC® S16x16-CIV Bomb Shelter General Specifications Common to S16 Models

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NORAD Shelter Systems LLC® S16x16-CIV Bomb Shelter General Specifications

Bomb Shelter Model S16x16 Specifications
Air blower volume 120-VAC N/A Generator Package
Assembly time 2 to 3 days — approximately Installation Package
Capacity — adults 8 to 10 Standard Structure
Connector port to other shelters stubout Connector Package
Diesel tank N/A Generator Package
Duration with 6.5 KW diesel generator N/A Generator Package
Floor space — net 235 ft2 Standard Structure
Hydrostatic pressure 177,216 lbs. Standard Structure
Hydrostatic pressure — counter 216,204 lbs. @ 70 lbs. 1.22 S.F. Standard Structure
Solar 2 KW solar panels, solar charger, cabling, solar charge controller, mounted in EMP-shielded enclosure Solar Package
Stove methanol Solar Package and Cooking Package
Volume — wall storage shelving 256 ft.3 Standard Structure
Volume — total 2,840 ft.3 Standard Structure
Water heater methanol, 2 10-gallon tanks Solar Package and Plumbing Package