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Uncle Same I want you to be self-reliantSelf-Reliant Americans Prepare

Hundreds of thousands of disaster victims are waiting for FEMA. They’re relying on the government for flood and fire relief. Given the choice, would you rather rely on yourself or the government?

Citizens Hope FEMA Will Rescue Them

Since the start of the Louisiana floods and the California wildfires, scores of people have died, hundreds of people have been injured, and thousands of people have lost their homes. While the National Guard is in Afghanistan, FEMA is deployed to the Louisiana floods and the California wildfires.

You Can Protect Yourself with the Best Underground Shelter Ever Made

Our shelters are designed by Walton McCarthy, M.E., the man who literally wrote the book on underground shelter protection from nuclear fallout. NORAD shelters are designed to protect you from every conceivable earth surface threat, from fire to floods, from tornadoes to terrorism, from earthquakes to Electromagnetic pulse attacks.

The Safety of Heavy, Corrosion-Resistant Structural Steel

Our Extremely well engineered and rated underground shelter protect self-reliant citizens for from one minute to 5 years. Equipped with off-grid power, EMP shielding and proven nuclear fallout protection, we give you the means to protect yourself from every conceivable threat.

For One or One Thousand

Our shelters are built for one, one hundred or one thousand people, depending on the need. You can protect your family, your staff or your campus. We can install your backyard shelter with utmost secrecy, or construct your Off-Grid Emergency Operations Center to exacting specifications.

Learn More about NORAD Underground Shelters

The NORAD sales department will help you decide which underground shelter components make sense for your specific protection needs. During the no-pressure, no-obligation phone call, we will listen to your needs; we will respond with your underground protection options; we will help you to understand how you can be self-reliant when protecting yourself from man-made threats and natural disasters. To learn more, call NORAD at  (972) 913-6882. We are in Garland, TX, and we’re ready to help you help yourself. OR CLICK HERE TO SEND AN EMAIL


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