A small 1-car garage is 12×20 ft. (240 sf.). A roomier one-car garage is 14×22 ft. (308 sf.). A small 2-car garage is 20×20 ft. or 400 sq. ft. A roomier two car garage is 24×24 ft. or 576 sf. The S-Series smallest shelter is the S16x10 (160 sf.*), smaller than a 1-car garage. The S16x16, S12x24, S12x32, S16x24, S12x40, S16x32, S12x48 and S24x24 are between the size of a small 1-car garage and the size of a large 2-car garage. All of the other models are larger to much larger than a 2-car garage. The S30x80 is 2,400 sf., or 10 times larger than a small 1-car garage.
Shelter square footage compared to typical garages

*Nominal sf., net sf. is slightly smaller.