Haven from bioterrorism

The New York Times
Originally published at The NY Times by Teresa Riordan on October 29, 2001
THE economy may be tanking, but for Walton McCarthy, business couldn’t be better.

Earlier this month, Mr. McCarthy received a patent for his “life cell,” an air purifying apparatus and communications system that he contends could transform an ordinary living room into safe, self-sufficient oasis in the midst of a bioterrorist attack.

Mr. McCarthy said his company, Radius Engineering, located near Concord, N.H., was two months behind in production on the life cells, which sell for $4,500, and six months behind on its underground shelters, which sell for $16,000 to nearly $60,000.

“We’ve got double shifts working six days a weeks,” Mr. McCarthy said, noting that Radius is planning to expand production twelvefold in the coming year.