NORAD Makes the Best Underground Bomb Shelter in the World. Let us Prove it to You.

NORAD Shelter Systems LLC®  manufactures the best underground bomb shelter in the world.  This statement is based on information published in a technical brochure specifying performance data on its shelters. NORAD shelters are TRS (Total Rems in Shelter) Rated with established radiation doses from all sources at a given overpressure.  Our EMP shielding is not just a term but an EMP  protection standard compliant to MIL-188-125, the U.S. Department of Defense EMP Shielding specification. From the start it has always been about safety for our civilian, corporate, and military customers.  No expense was spared and no corners have been cut. Our company was designed from the start using the best technology from the best and most experienced professional technical committee of people in the world including experts from numerous United States government defense agencies. The committee established a set of engineering standards for underground shelters and we meet or exceed all of them.  A NORAD shelter is simply the safest off-grid long-term NBCE shelter in the world and our performance data proves it.

The Best Underground Bomb Shelter: The S16x40 Military Shelter Floor Plan

The Best Underground Bomb Shelter: The S16x80 Interior View