Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corp. (IRGC) has been successfully expanding its weapons-smuggling network and steadily enhancing the number of Shiite militant proxies from the Arabian Gulf to the Mediterranean, according to recent reports. If this continues unchecked, a wider and much deadlier conflict is almost inevitable.

Iranian regime sources have revealed a treasure trove of documents to the Iranian opposition that name and extensively detail an intricate regional web of front companies and ports in the Gulf, used by Tehran to smuggle weapons to its global terror network. The IRGC has become a financial empire, using a network of front shipping companies to fund its terror activities and Shiite extremist proxies throughout the Middle East, from Yemen to Iraq and Syria.

Essentially, the IRGC has managed to set up the world’s most extensive black-market smuggling network, which to date has not been meaningfully affected by non-nuclear international sanctions.

The IRGC needed ports to ship their weapons once all available docks on the Yemeni coast were closed to Iranian ships by the Arab Coalition. The IRGC’s front companies then began using ports in Oman to smuggle weapons to Yemen, specifically Sultan Qaboos port in Muscat, Sohar port in north Oman, and Salalah port in the south.

The former commander of the IRGC Naval Force, and currently the secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, is head of the illicit weapons-smuggling campaign. His two children are directors of a front company called the Admiral Group, with offices in Tehran and Dubai. See more…