No. Anti-corrosion protection measures come standard on all NORAD S-Series underground shelters, without exception. Standard protection is expected to last 30 years. Your warranty for structural integrity is based on the 30 year anti-corrosion protection. You an upgrade to a bigger anti-corrosion package warrantied for 40 years or for 50 years. The anodes protecting the shelter from rust and corrosion can be replaced. The process would take about a week of excavation. Replacement would extend the expected structural integrity another 30 years. The 50-year warranty package would not require attention for 45 to 50 years after installation. Important note to shelter buyers:

  • Underground steel shelters without an anti-corrosion mechanism have to be de-rated 2 to 5% each year. Natural electrical processes weaken unprotected underground steel. This is why all NORAD underground steel structures use an cathodic epoxy system to maintain the strength required to hold up the 72 in. of earth above the shelter.
  • To protect from radiation a shelter must be buried at least 72 in., in other words, there are 6 ft. of earth over a properly installed nuclear shelter
  • Proper shelter design, material, construction and installation provide the shelter structure strength keeping the shelter shape in tact with 6 ft. of earth overhead
  • Corrosion is a natural electrical process affecting all unprotected underground structures
  • Unprotected underground steel shelters corrode at a rate of 2 to 5 % per year
  • The NORAD epoxy/anode cathodic anti-corrosion system prevents natural corrosion
  • NORAD underground steel shelters do not corrode. They maintain their strength. This is how we offer a 30 year structural warranty.

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