Defense Industry Holding Company Acquires Military Shelters Consulting Group and NORAD Shelter Systems LLC®

GARLAND, TX JUNE 16, 2016 – The Winegard Group has acquired Military Shelter Consulting Group (MSCG) and various US Patents, Patents Pending, and intellectual property from mechanical engineer Walton W. McCarthy under a long term agreement. With this package, Winegard has formed the new engineering and manufacturing company NORAD Shelter Systems LLC®.

NORAD Shelter Systems will manufacturer, deliver and install underground nuclear and tornado shelters based on McCarthy’s S-Series bomb shelter designs. The S-Series underground nuclear shelters are the only “rated” shelter in the United States. “Rated” shelters include proven performance ratings.

“A nuclear shelter must be designed based on a radiation design dose, a pressure rating and a structural warranty,” McCarthy said. “Otherwise, how do you know you’re being protected?”

NORAD S-Series shelters come with published performance data documenting:

  • life-support system specifications, showing how life support systems last 1 year or more
  • pressure ratings, showing how the shelter and the people inside are protected from bomb blast pressure
  • radiation design dose, showing how much radiation protection the design and installation methods offer
  • distance from ground zero ratings, showing protection levels based on distance from nuclear blasts
  • a structural warranty backed by technology and performance data


“The NORAD S-SERIES underground nuclear shelters are long-term solutions with published radiation design dose, pressure, and ground zero distance data, with incredibly strong warranties,” McCarthy explained.


McCarthy said that the market is saturated with “survival shelters,” which are cheaply made and poorly warrantied. The NORAD S-Series shelter is not a “survival shelter.”


“Virtually all so-called nuclear shelters on the market today are just cheap ‘survival shelters.’ A survival shelter is a short-term underground structure that has little or no published performance data. It has no published Radiation Design Dose from overhead or from the entranceway, no published ratings for pressure, and no published internal radiation doses that shelterists can be expected to receive. A ‘survival shelter’ does not list the distance from ground zero for which the shelter is designed. Survival shelters have weak or no warranties. This type of shelter has a short-term air filtration system and meets virtually no commercial, military or manufacturing standards.”

“Survival shelters are cheap,” said McCarthy, “and they don’t really provide adequate protection from any of the threats we face. They don’t really provide protection from blast pressure and radiation. They don’t really provide protection from EMP and biochemical warfare. NORAD S-Series shelters provide protection from all of these threats, with proven performance data to back up NORAD’s claims.”

Mr. McCarthy has designed, engineered, manufactured and installed more than 1,400 shelters since 1977. He is the author of Principles of Protection: The U.S. Handbook of NBC Weapon Fundamentals and Shelter Engineering Design Standards, 6th edition, 2013, Brown Books, which defines scores of engineering standards for proper shelter design protection from nuclear blast, radiation, biochemical threats and EMP.

McCarthy’s book was written with a committee of experts from the US Department of Energy, US Department of Defense, Strategic Applications International, Nuclear Engineering Laboratory from the University of Illinois, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Chemical Division of Edgewood Arsenal, Brookhaven National Laboratory, US Defense Nuclear Agency and the US National Bureau of Standards.

PRINCIPLES OF PROTECTION details shelter design requirements for sample weapon sizes and distances from ground zero. Any properly-educated engineer can use this data to establish the radiation design dose for any underground shelter. NORAD will be publishing a website calculator which anyone can use to determine any shelter’s radiation design dose.

PRINCIPLES OF PROTECTION (POP) is available on Amazon. No other book published has these weapon effects listed. POP has been used by architects and engineers around the world since 1991. Winegard announced it is pleased to acquire the culmination of McCarthy’s 40 years of designing bomb shelters.

In addition to defining radiation standards for shelter overhead shielding, entranceway shielding, and air ducts never before published, it includes proper standards to use in shelter design from multiple sources including the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), American Petroleum Institute (API), American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM), U.S. Department of Defense Military Standards (MIL) and Steel Tank Institute, NACE International – The Corrosion Society (STI and NACE), National Electric Code (NEC) and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).

NORAD will manufacture the S-Series underground Steel shelters in two Fort Worth facilities with almost 200,000 square feet serviced by overhead cranes. NORAD Shelters will fall under the Department of Defense ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) rules and require export licenses for deliveries outside of the United States.

The S-Series Military models includes an internal diesel generator that is EMP shielded to the MIL-188-125 providing a one year off-grid duration using only 800 gallon of diesel fuel. The S-Series air filtration system uses a Bag In Bag Out (BIBO) nuclear, biological and chemical air filtration system so filter trays can be changed without coming into contact with the filter elements.

The S-Series shelters have a TRS (total rems in shelter) Rating of 4 rems @ 10 psi. They  use no concrete and are re-deployable. The shelters are designed to resist hydrostatic pressure in high water tables without tie downs so they can resist strong ground shock including an 8.5 Richter earthquake with no damage.

The underground S-Series steel shelter has a formal cathodic protection system using dielectric epoxy and magnesium anodes. The system diverts all corrosion to the anodes surrounding the shelter, away from the hull, allowing NORAD to support a constant pressure rating throughout the 30 to 50 year structural warranty.

The bomb shelter’s air manifolds are at ground level. They have a low profile and low angle of incidence domes only 4 inches above ground which are engineered to resist heavy flying debris up to 350 mph.

A Winegard representative said S-Series shelters would be manufactured starting in April of 2016. Mr. McCarthy has been retained as the Principle Engineer for NORAD Shelter Systems LLC®.


Walton McCarthy is the author of PRINCIPLES OF PROTECTION: The U.S. Handbook of NBC Weapon Fundamentals and Shelter Engineering Design Standards, 6th edition, 2013, Brown Books. He is the former Chief Engineer of Radius Engineering, a nuclear shelter manufacturer. He is the Principle Engineer for NORAD Shelter Systems LLC®.


NORAD is the only U.S. company to manufacturer a “rated” NBCE (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, EMP) Underground Shelter designed to operate in severe NBCE environments serving the military and corporate markets. NORAD operates out of Garland, TX. NORAD was created by Walton McCarthy, M.E., and acquired by the Winegard Group . Visit for more information.


Military Shelter Consulting Group is a bomb shelter consulting firm formerly owned and operated by Walton McCarthy, M.E., and acquired by the Winegard Group. For more information visit


Winegard is a multi-industry holding company with interests in national security, defense and military markets.


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